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What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling, (aka Collagen Induction Therapy) is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that uses a device containing fine needles. Results offe...

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Are DIY Skin Care Treatments Really Beneficial?

Ingredients from your kitchen combined to treat your skin are not stable ingredients. By that I mean they will spoil very rapidly which in turn means you are...

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Capitol Vein Blog

Varicose veins typically cause symptoms of aching, heaviness, throbbing and generalized discomfort in the leg due to the elevated pressure from back flow in ...

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Learn About Varicose Veins and Men

​Men are surprised to learn that 20-30% of them will develop varicose veins during their lifetime….it’s not just a woman’s disease!

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How To Treat Unsightly Hand Veins

Patients should understand that these prominent hand veins are not "varicose veins" and there is no long term medical consequence that arises from leaving th...

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Erase Your Facial Lines With Botox

Botox is a wonderful option for patients who are concerned that their forehead lines, frown lines and smile lines around the eyes (crows feet) are creating a...

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Venous Duplex Examination for Varicose Veins

Not all vein treatments are appropriate in all patients, so a thorough evaluation and discussion with either Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill will ensure your op...

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See Hand Veins Disappear

Our experience treating these hand veins with either sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy has grown, and the results are quite impressive.

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VenaSeal -The New Varicose Vein Treatment

If you have varicose veins, it is best that you seek the advice of a well trained and experienced vascular surgical specialist who can review all of the curr...

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VenaSeal, the New Vein Treatment

When you have questions or concerns about your varicose veins, be sure to see a qualified, experienced vascular surgeon with expertise in venous disease.

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Don't Let Pregnancy Ruin Your Legs

Early and appropriate intervention in varicose vein disease, especially in this population of patients, will optimize results and minimize risk for complicat...

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Effective Treatment of Foot and Ankle Varicose Veins

Both Drs. Rosenberg and McNeill at Capitol Vein & Laser have many years of experience teaching the management of venous disease and treating thousands of pat...

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How to Improve Awareness of Venous Disease

When patients have varicose veins visible on the legs, it is rather obvious that there is some abnormal back pressure causing the veins to bulge. Common symp...

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Preventing Leg Ulcer with Varicose Vein Treatment

In our experience, patients maintain much healthier legs and see a markedly reduced incidence of repeated leg ulcers when we eliminate the backflow and norma...

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Dr. Rosenberg Presents at the VCNP Annual Meeting

I often see patients with long standing venous disease who were discouraged from seeking treatment because of misinformation about the current treatment opti...

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Dispelling a Myth of Varicose Veins

The currently accepted view is that women who have symptoms of varicose veins need a full evaluation and possible treatment between pregnancies, instead of w...

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New Varicose Vein Treatments Provide Options for Patients

The unique aspect of Varithena is that we use a foamed sclerotherapy agent to inject varicose veins, leading to their eventual resolution by your body's abso...

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New Varicose Vein Treatment Now FDA Approved

Varithena allows us to use a small needle though which we inject a special medication that achieves the same end result as VNUS Closure, though without using...

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The Link Between Varicose Veins and Menstrual Pain

Estrogen and progesterone cause a weakening of the vein walls, allowing them to swell and stretch. This is what typically causes the pain associated with the...

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Varicose Vein Healing Creams Equal Money Wasted

Physicians recognize that the medical issues related to varicose veins, such as pain, aching, and swelling, are due to backpressure cause by gravity pushing ...

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The Truth About Varicose Vein Creams and Pills

Vein creams and pills may help to reduce the heaviness you can feel with venous reflux, but the real mainstays are the use of support hose, leg elevation, an...

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FDA Approves Botox for Crow’s Feet

We offer Botox and other aesthetic services in our offices located in Leesburg, VA; Charles Town, WV; Bethesda, MD; and Frederick, MD. Please contact us wit...

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Early Evaluation is Key with Varicose Veins

An evaluation with either Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill is usually followed by a venous duplex scan, with treatment based on the scan results. The Venefit Pro...

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What You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Varicose Veins

Naturally, we do not intervene during the pregnancy due to potential risks; however, one of the courtesies that we offer at Capitol Vein & Laser is a free qu...

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Which Varicose Vein Treatment Center is Best?

Both Dr. Garth Rosenberg and Dr. Paul McNeill are experienced vascular surgeons who have spent extensive time training other physicians on venous disease. Bo...

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The Link Between Dermatology and Venous Disease

A dermatology colleague recently referred a patient to our Bethesda, MD office for evaluation and treatment of varicose veins. Since dermatologists are exper...

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Laser & Venefit ... Which Works Best for Varicose Vein Treatment

The best treatment available is the Venefit Procedure, formerly known as VNUS Closure, which was introduced in 1999. Advances in this technology have led to ...

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Pregnant in Purcellville,

t is an understandably distressing predicament. Fortunately for my patient (and others like her), once her baby is delivered, the varicose veins will most li...

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Say Goodbye to Lines and Creases on Your Face

Getting an evaluation to see exactly what and where the problems with your skin lie is easy with the Reveal Imager Skin Analysis System. This is a system tha...

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Get Your Youthful Skin Complexion Back with New Skin Care Ideas

Now is the time to get your face back to its youthful glow, and protect it from the damage of the sun’s UV rays as well.

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Vulvar Varicose Veins Resulting from Pregnancy

Treatment of vulvar varicose veins depends on the source of the backflow. Many patients are treated effectively with foam sclerotherapy injections. This form...

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Botox and Dysport Lift Face and Erase Lines

New users can expect to enjoy initial benefits for approximately three months, but after several cycles of use, the results may last significantly longer. Ov...

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Varicose Veins: Before and After Photos

To truly resolve the vein problems, each of these issues needs to be treated with a separate procedure. We frequently treat patients who visit our offices fo...

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Lip Filler Without the "Real Housewife" Effect?

In a word: absolutely! When most people think of using fillers in the lips, they immediately picture Hollywood types with lips that look "duck-like" and com...

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When Is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal?

Winter is the ideal time to consider laser hair removal (LHR). Because tanned skin can develop undesired pigmentation after the procedure, it's wiser to unde...

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What Can I Do About The Spots on My Face and Skin?

There are several options. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is one option that involves the use of short pulses of light to dissipate pigmentation in the skin, all...

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Dysport & Botox for Facial Lines

We welcome comments or questions about Dysport or Botox. If you would like specific answers to your questions, please request a free cosmetic consultation at...

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Second Opinion about Veins

If you would like specific answers to your questions, please request a free cosmetic consultation at any of our offices located in Frederick, MD; Bethesda, M...

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The Importance of Venous Duplex in Evaluation

In sum, venous duplex is an essential part of any evaluation of patients with varicose veins. Be sure that you undergo a good quality exam before embarking o...

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What Makes Varicose Veins Hurt Later in the Day?

Support hose worn during the day will help reduce the pressure in the leg veins. Of course, treatment of the underlying condition with either VNUS Closure or...

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Varicose Vein Misconceptions During Pregnancy

Most vein experts agree that intervening between pregnancies is the optimal way to approach varicose veins. Leaving them unaddressed risks ongoing leg aching...

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Keep Skin Youthful & Prevent Skin Cancer with Daily Sunscreen

Capitol Vein & Laser is committed to skin care and the promotion of healthy, great looking skin.

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Why Can New Veins Form After Treatment?

Pay attention to the status of any varicose veins and have intervention earlier rather than later to ensure the best results.

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How Does VNUS Closure Improve Leg Circulation?

​We are often asked, "If you close one of my leg veins, how does blood get back up my leg?" This is a very obvious concern to my patients who fear that any ...

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Treating Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is the treatment of spider veins by injection of a small amount of medicine into the vein with a very tiny needle.

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Veins That Don't Hurt Can Still Hurt You

Patients initially claiming the leg with varicose veins does not hurt are often found by an expert to have leg swelling upon measuring the leg, evidence of p...

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Do Spider Veins Cause Varicose Veins?

Because spider veins do not “grow into” varicose veins, you should consider treatment of these veins through sclerotherapy, primarily for cosmetic reasons.

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Varicose Veins in Children

I recently saw a 14-year-old boy, very athletic, tall and muscular with very large calf varicose veins, ankle swelling and aching. He plays basketball for hi...