CVL-2021-26247-Blog-Headers_August+Sept_Header2.png09-23-21 /CVLVaricose Veins

When Will Insurance Cover Varicose Vein Treatments?

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Capitol Vein and Laser has nothing to do with veins or lasers, but with insurance. More directly, “Will insur...

CVL-2021-26247-Blog-Headers_August+Sept_Header1.png09-08-21 /CVLVaricose Veins

Removing Bad Veins is a Healthy Step

Varicose veins are not the normal, essential veins that return blood to your heart and lungs... They once were, but over time—be it from inactivity, injury, ...

CVL-2021-26247 Blog Headers-02.png07-28-21 /CVLSwelling

Why Legs Swell in the Heat (and How to Prevent It)

Why do so many people’s legs swell in the heat? The short answer is gravity. Heat dilates (expands) our blood vessels, making it harder for fluids to move t...

CVL-2021-26247 Blog Headers-01.png06-18-21 /CVLVaricose Veins

Four Tips For Traveling With Varicose Veins

Summer is here! As the weather warms and COVID-19 restrictions ease, people around the country are excited to go on new adventures, but for those suffering f...

CVL-2021-26247 May Blog-01.png05-03-21 /CVLVaricose Veins

Why Are Frontline Workers More Likely to Get Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are any veins that become twisted or enlarged, and usually occur in the legs. Painful symptoms include achy, heavy feelings in your legs, burn...

CVL-2021-26247 February Blog-03.png04-16-21 /CVLSpider Veins

Warm Weather Leg Prep Time

The gold standard for spider vein treatment is sclerotherapy, where a provider injects the ugly spider vein with a solution that causes the vein to spasm and...

CVL-2021-26247 February Blog-01.png03-16-21 /Blood Clots and Flying

How to Prevent Blood Clots

While a telemedicine visit can be helpful, most times a face-to-face visit allows us to examine your leg and do an ultrasound in the office.