09.21.17 Taylor Pronesti Cosmetic

Are DIY Skin Care Treatments Really Beneficial?

Sure, it's cool, crafty and budget friendly to take on DIY projects and online tutorials! But is creating your own skin care products good for your skin?

Being an aesthetician for the past 10 years, I have seen so many homemade recipes for skin care. Some scare me and some just make me laugh. There’s the Miracle Whip mask, the hemorrhoid cream under eye treatment, and of course the emergency Windex spritz for the poorly timed pimple (you did see the original "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" didn’t you?)

Ingredients from your kitchen combined to treat your skin are not stable ingredients. By that I mean they will spoil very rapidly which in turn means you are slathering bacteria onto your pretty face. This will definitely not give you the results you were hoping for.

Another important point is that plastic food containers and recycled pickle jars are no substitute for professional packaging. Potent skin care products need to be protected. Sometimes that comes as a preservative (as soon as water is introduced as an ingredient, a preservative is mandatory). More often with today’s quality products, airless packaging is used to prevent oxidation and other processes that degrade a product’s integrity. You can’t replicate that in your kitchen. Professional products have been formulated in a lab at a specific molecular weight so that the active ingredients can penetrate and reach cells that can benefit and improve your skin. This is not possible with a DIY recipe from Pinterest.

So, save the eggs for a delicious quiche! That egg white mask from Pinterest is only sitting on the surface of your skin. Real improvement and change occurs deeper than your skin's surface.

Make your own window cleaner, not your own facial cleanser.

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