03.04.13 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Swelling

Avoid Varicose Veins Bleeding By Seeking Early Evaluation

One of my Frederick, Maryland patients came in today because she has had several episodes of bleeding from her ankle varicose veins.These veins have been present for many years, causing typical symptoms of aching and throbbing, but bleeding was a recent event. Fortunately, the Venefit Procedure (VNUS Closure) is very effective at reducing the pressure in these ankle veins and preventing rebleeding.

blood clots in footVeins in the leg bring blood upwards from the foot and ankle against the constant pressure of gravity. Little one-way valves in the veins push the flow upwards against gravity, but if these fine valves become weak, the backpressure occurs. As the pressure is transmitted down the leg, veins bulge and are at risk of clots and bleeding.

The Venefit Procedure, an office-based technique done under local anesthesia, is the perfect treatment since it eliminates the backpressure. Normal veins propel the blood up the leg in the correct direction and blood flow is normalized. There are other times when sclerotherapyis used as an adjunct to Venefit.

We encourage patients with varicose veins to seek evaluation as soon as the veins become apparent. Treatment is much easier during the earlier phase and leads to fewer procedures. Your medical insurance will generally cover varicose vein procedures. Delaying treatment is unwise and can lead to significant medical problems.

Free evaluations are available at any of the Virginia, Maryland or West Virginia offices. Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill will review the status of the venous condition and advise you as to the best management options.

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