02.20.24 CVL Varicose Veins

Connection Between Leg Ulcers and Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic Venous Insufficiency occurs when your leg veins do not allow blood to flow back up to your heart and lungs. Normally, the one-way valves in veins assist blood back up the leg when we walk and move. Muscles squeeze the veins and push the blood northward. The valves open to allow passage of blood, and close to prevent blood from falling back down the leg when muscles relax. As we age, it is common for the valves to become “leaky” or non-functional in some veins. This causes blood to collect or pool in your legs, often leading to leg aching, heaviness, throbbing, or skin itching and burning.

Venous Insufficiency is a progressive condition, worsening with time. Over the years, venous blood that pools because of non-functioning valves can negatively impact the leg by causing swelling, inflammation, skin discoloration and eventual skin breakdown. The “venous hypertension” or increased pressure in the diseased veins can result in a non-healing wound called a venous stasis ulceration. These wounds are difficult to heal and often require treatments like VNUS Closure or Venaseal, commonly performed by a vascular surgeon to eliminate complications of venous insufficiency. Additional attention to the surface of the wound may be necessary at a vein center or wound care center as well.

Understanding the connection between leg ulcerations and venous insufficiency is critical for proper diagnosis and treatment. At Capitol Vein and Laser Centers, we have the ability to perform a venous ultrasound right in our office. Ultrasounds typically take 40-60 minutes. Ultrasound testing is performed by applying warm gel to the skin of your leg and gliding a handheld probe across the surface of your legs. This allows the sonographer to see inside of your leg, examine vein anatomy, and measure the effectiveness of your venous circulation. Your provider will review the results of your ultrasound and discuss findings at your evaluation.

At Capitol Vein and Laser Centers, we understand the discomfort and inconvenience associated with leg wounds, and make it a point to prioritize patients with leg ulcerations, ensuring they are seen within a week of calling to schedule. Our team at Capitol Vein and Laser Centers is committed to providing personalized care for venous ulcers and venous insufficiency with the goal to restore healthy blood flow, promote healing and prevent further complications.

If you or a loved one is suffering from varicose veins or venous ulcerations, please do not hesitate to call us. Time is of the essence.

Dr. McNeill and Dr. Rosenberg and the providers at Capitol Vein and Laser Centers are here to help and provide the care and support needed to heal. For questions or to schedule, please call 866-695-8346.

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