10.09.13 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Varicose Veins

CVL Stays Current on Varicose Vein Treatments

There have been an increasing number of vein treatment centers and clinics popping up throughout the Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia region.Patients are often confused about where they will receive the most appropriate care with the best outcomes. Dr. McNeill and I continually seek professional growth to maintain our reputation and excellence and outstanding patient care.

Dr. Garth Rosenberg and Dr. Paul McNeillIn fact, I just received credentials as a Registered Phlebography Sonographer, which means I am now one of the few physicians in the U.S. meeting a recognized national standard for venous diagnostic techniques.

When patients present with symptoms of varicose veins, we usually need a venous duplex ultrasound to provide a "roadmap" of the veins in the leg. This guides us in advising the optimal treatment for patients, and also allows your insurance company to validate the treatment plan we recommend. Based on the duplex exam, a treatment like the Venefit Procedure (VNUS Closure) can very effectively eliminate backflow in the veins, restore normal circulation, and alleviate the aching or heaviness in the leg. We know that certain factors, such as heredity and pregnancy, can increase the risk of varicose veins, so on occasion, new veins may form in a treated leg many years after successful care.

We often see patients who have delayed their evaluation and present to us with more advanced disease, either with venous ulcers or pigmentation of the lower ankle (lipodermatosclerosis). Although we can successfully prevent progression of the venous disease, we cannot always eliminate the skin discoloration. For this reason, we encourage patients with even mild varicosities to see us for early intervention.

Our vein centers in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia all have accredited vascular labs where precise testing is done, ensuring your optimal care.

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