01.25.16 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Cosmetic

Erase Your Facial Lines With Botox

Botox CosmeticsBotox is a wonderful option for patients who are concerned that their forehead lines, frown lines and smile lines around the eyes (crows feet) are creating an aging appearance. The repetitive contractions of the muscles that cause these lines encourage the deepening of the lines, so that even without expression, your facial appearance changes.

Botox, the medicine derived from bacteria, works to reduce the strength of the muscles that cause the lines. This occurs as Botox prevents the neurotransmitter (the chemical your body naturally produces) from being released, so the muscles do not receive the message to contract. For example, you smile normally, but the lines around the eyes don't appear as these specific muscles don't contract. You shouldn't be concerned about bacterial derived medications, as quite a few antibiotics are developed in just this manner. There is no systemic effect from Botox as the mechanism of action is specific to the muscles that are injected.

With precise delivery of Botox, only these muscles that lead to the targeted lines are impacted. We adjust the dose of Botox appropriately for the intensity of your lines, so each treatment is individualized.

Because Botox is slowly metabolized by your body, the effects are not permanent, usually lasting about 3 months initially. If you keep up with the treatments, you'll find that the muscles require less frequent injections. Once Botox wears off, you won't see any worsening of your lines. You'll simply revert back to the original look.

Botox also works very well under the arms to reduce sweating in patients that have excessive sweat gland activity. When treated with Botox, the glands are unable to secrete as easily, and the perspiration is markedly reduced. This is very durable, lasting up to a year.

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