09.13.23 CVL Varicose Veins

Goodbye for Good? Varicose Veins After Treatment.

Every year, we help hundreds of people with the same problem: They want their varicose veins to go away. Forever. We certainly can help get rid of the varicose veins, but unfortunately, you still can develop new veins over time. This does not mean you had ineffective treatment or a bad physician. It’s the way the body works. There’s a misconception that once varicose or spider veins are treated, one should never have to go through another treatment. There really is not a part of the body that doesn’t work that way. If you have a tooth treated for a cavity, you can still develop another cavity. But would you ever consider letting the cavity worsen over time because there’s a risk you would get another anyway? Of course not! Who would want to go through that discomfort? So, we treat what exists at the time and take preventative measures to avoid future cavities. The same goes for acne or skin checks, we treat areas as they present themselves and we maintain them with products and SPF to protect ourselves from potentially harmful and/or disfiguring situations. Varicose veins often occur as we age. A vein (or two) in the leg stops working because the internal valves fail. Without working valves, the vein cannot circulate blood. The blood becomes sluggish and “pools” in the vein, causing it to become engorged over time. This engorgement puts pressure on connecting veins and damages more valves, which results in additional bulging veins. It’s a game of dominoes, progressing and worsening over the years until the risks and complications of doing nothing are way worse than any treatment could be. Here are some important things to keep in mind when deciding not to seek therapy or treatment for varicose veins.

1.     Varicose veins aren’t all the same. There are many factors that contribute to the development of varicose veins. In order to achieve a successful treatment, your provider must adequately identify the source. Unfortunately, there is some degree of misdiagnosis, so please ensure you seek care from a vascular surgeon. There are a ton of physicians who call themselves “Vein Specialists” after participating in a 3-month course. Be curious and ask your doctor what his/ her medical specialty is. Phlebology (focus on venous issues) is a certification that can be added to any medical specialty. In a nutshell, it’s safer and more effective to go to a vascular surgeon. They have years of training vs. months.

2.     Today’s treatment options for varicose veins are excellent! In fact, properly treated varicose veins rarely return. The key words are “properly treated”. Another reason to see a vascular surgeon who knows everything about circulation, treatments, risks, complications, etc. When the treatment is appropriate and thorough, the rate of recanalization—which is the process of a closed vein reopening—is under 2%.  Likewise risks such as blood clots occur in less than 1% of treatments. This is considered an excellent treatment outcome. It’s a fact of life. The more experienced someone is with an issue, the better the outcome, right? House repairs, car repairs, medical treatments. Knowledge and experience pave the way to smoother experiences and better outcomes.  

3.     Risks and complications??? Why hasn’t anything been done at all? Varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency are progressive conditions. They worsen with time and can cause additional morbidities such as leg swelling, dermatitis, and eventually venous stasis ulcerations. The more time that passes, the more progression occurs, which often requires more treatment. Early intervention is safer and simpler. Many people think avoiding treatment equals avoiding risks. However, there are a multitude of medical risks present when declining medical therapies. Risks of untreated veins are blood clots, localized venous hemorrhage, and infection/ cellulitis.

4.     Successful, perfect treatment does not mean you are home free for the rest of your life. Again, like any other health concern, you have a chronic condition that should be followed at least every two years. Some people never have another varicose vein pop up in their lives. Others have the start of something totally new that we can quickly and simply treat before it requires more. Good health is a journey throughout life. Our legs are vital to remain active and able. 

Please call us at 866-695-8346 if you would like more information. There are many options available, and we have the expertise to determine exactly which one is right for you. Whenever you’re ready to take the first step, we’ll be ready to help!

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