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Health Insurance Coverage for Vein Treatments

There is a common misconception among some doctors and patients alike that all procedures to treat varicose veins are cosmetic and not covered by medical insurance. This myth needs to be dispelled because it has long been a policy of most insurers that many veins conditions are not cosmetic, that there is a legitimate medical reason to proceed with treatment.

The common procedures of VNUS Closure, ClariVein and microphlebectomy are often well covered by medical insurance. These office based procedures work to eliminate the backflow (venous reflux) in certain veins that are often the cause of leg pain, swelling, restless leg syndrome, skin discoloration and ulceration of the ankle.

Certainly each insurer has its own medical policy indicating what “conservative management” needs to be undertaken before coverage is assured. Conservative management usually refers to a trial of support hose use, though it is well recognized that support hose provide a short-term benefit, but do not resolve the underlying venous condition.

Patients with leg pain, swelling, varicose veins, restless legs or lower leg skin ulcers should not delay investigation of the veins because of concern that it is considered a “cosmetic” condition. Those with specific questions can seek an evaluation at any of our four offices in Frederick, MD; Bethesda, MD; Charles Town, WV; or Leesburg, VA.

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