09.20.23 CVL Cosmetic

How to Address Bulging Veins in Your Hands

At Capitol Vein and Laser, we spend the majority of our time helping people deal with varicose and spider veins in their legs, but it’s not uncommon for patients to request the removal of bulging hand veins as well. While bulging veins in the hands are not a medical concern, most people are not thrilled with their appearance due to cosmetic reasons. Before you consider hand vein treatment, here are some things to keep in mind:

Veins appear with age. As our bodies get older, our skin gets thinner, leading to more pronounced veins.

Veins bulge more in the heat. When temps rise, veins dilate to help cool the body. Varicose veins and hand veins often look bigger in warm weather.

Once hand veins are removed, blood continues to circulate through other less visible veins that remain. So, hands stay healthy.

Tendons and ligaments in the hand may remain visible after hand vein removal. We can add “fullness” to the skin on the back of your hand with dermal fillers. This will help hide what’s left behind.

The best hand vein treatment for you depends on the number and size of veins and your hand anatomy. Sclerotherapy and phlebectomy are both used to treat hand veins. Treatments are done in the office in 20-30 minutes. Your provider may opt to treat one hand at a time for safety reasons. He/ she will discuss the full plan of care prior to treatment.

A cosmetic consultation is required prior to hand vein treatments. A provider must assess your hands and health history before treatment is considered. We offer complimentary consultations via telemedicine or in person. Once your consultation is complete and treatment plan and risks are discussed, your treatment can be scheduled.

Risks of hand vein treatments? Like any other treatment, bruising, pain at site, infection are all rare risks. Because we are working in a compact area and focused on vessels, blood clots and nerve damage are also risks that can occur but are extremely rare.

Please call us if you would like more information. We’re happy to assist with an appointment. Now is the time to start treatments to be healed and perfect before the holidays! To get started, please call 866-695-8346.

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