05.25.16 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Cosmetic

How To Treat Unsightly Hand Veins

Unsightly hand veins can be a cosmetic concern for women as they age because the back of the hands tend to lose some of the fat pad that is present at a younger age. As the hands age, the veins become more prominent and can reveal a patient's age even after facial rejuvenation has taken place.

hand veins

Patients should understand that these prominent hand veins are not "varicose veins" and there is no long term medical consequence that arises from leaving them untreated.

Varicose veins are a phenomenon that occurs exclusively in the legs and is due to weakness in these leg veins preventing flow in the normal upward direction. Varicose veins do have long term consequences and treatment is advised.

The hand veins you see above were treated with microphlebectomy in the office. The 20 minute procedure, done under local anesthesia, allows immediate return to normal activity. During the procedure, once back of the hand is numbed, tiny nicks are made in over the veins, and the veins are painlessly extracted without any long term scarring. As you can see, the cosmetic results are excellent.

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