10.23.12 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Swelling

Is Clarivein or Venefit Right for You?

A patient from Ashburn, Virginia, visited our Leesburg office and asked about a new varicose vein treatment called mechanochemical ablation. Commonly known as the ClariVein procedure, this method uses a small needle to access a refluxing vein and inject medication designed to collapse the vessel. By doing so, we eliminate backflow in leg veins, which is the common cause of varicose veins. Symptoms often consist of leg aching, heaviness, swelling and even restless legs.

An article in a recent vascular journal highlighted ClariVein's success rate of up to 96% success at two-year follow-up. Unfortunately, many health insurance companies do not cover this procedure, so it is not feasible for or preferred by most patients.

The Venefit Procedure (formerly known as VNUS Closure), however, is covered by most insurers, has very similar success to ClariVein, and is most commonly used to treat the backflow that causes varicose veins. Venefit is performed in the office under local anesthesia, with immediate return to normal activity. Note that Venacure (laser treatment) is an option as well, and smaller surface veins are optimally removed with microphlebectomy.

Either Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill will give you the most current and thorough evaluation for varicose veins and can illustrate the optimal treatment plan for your particular condition.

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