06.17.16 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Cosmetic

Learn About Varicose Veins and Men

Men are surprised to learn that 20-30% of them will develop varicose veins during their lifetime….it’s not just a woman’s disease! Heredity plays the strongest role in determining who is at risk for the enlarged leg veins. Once varicose veins develop on the legs, they tend to progressively enlarge, causing aching, leg heaviness, itching and even restless legs. Once you develop venous insufficiency, it tends to progress and is accompanied by increased risk of complications such as blood clots, skin discoloration and even ulceration of the skin at the ankle.

varicose vein in leg

The risk of complications is not reduced by the absence of symptoms, because the elevated pressure in the leg veins not only damages the skin, but the large veins don’t allow normal vein flow, and this leads to the elevated blood clot risk.

Varicose veins develop due to weakness within the vein valves and walls making them ineffective at propelling the blood up the leg against the force of gravity. The constant downward pressure leads to the progressive enlargement of the surface veins.

Treatment of the legs veins is extremely effective, an office based procedure under local anesthesia, and you will return to work and normal activity immediately. Most importantly, the treatment is very durable and very effective at reducing the risk of the complications listed above. VNUS Closure is a very common and successful method we use to treat this condition.

Men should not ignore the risk that varicose veins play in overall health, and maintaining healthy legs is a key factor in your general well being.

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