12.03.14 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Varicose Veins

Leg Pain Without Varicose Veins Easily Treated With Venefit

I saw an interesting patient a few weeks ago that helps illustrates what I stated in a prior blog about leg pain without varicose veins being caused by venous insufficiency. This nurse from Germantown, Maryland had noticed right leg aching and ankle tightness at the end of most days of work, when she stood for most of her shift. She had seen orthopedics and cardiology and neither specialties found a problem, but her leg complaints persisted month after month.

Finally, she had heard from a friend whom I had treated recently that venous reflux could be the cause of her problems. She came for an evaluation, with the expectation that her veins were find and I would find nothing to help her.

To her surprise, the venous duplex showed significant saphenous vein reflux causing elevated vein pressures in the lower leg. This is the precise condition that is so well treated with the Venefit Procedure, which uses heat to close the poorly functioning vein. I performed this local anesthetic procedure in the office, and within 2 days she noted complete resolution of her aching and swelling. She worked the entire 8 hour shift without any discomfort!

Her case perfectly demonstrates that leg pain without visible varicose veins can be caused by internal leg veins that have valve dysfunction. The constant force of gravity pushing downwards impedes the normal flow of blood up the leg. The elevated venous pressures are transmitted to the lower leg with resultant aching, heaviness, swelling and/or pain.

Many physicians and patients are unaware that endovenous ablation with the Venefit Procedure is so effective for this problem. Your consultation with an experienced phlebologist, followed by a thorough venous duplex scan, is the key to making this diagnosis and getting proper treatment.

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