02.11.12 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Swelling

Ask Your Doctor to Rethink Treatment of Your Varicose Veins

The abnormal blood flow inherent in varicose veins is a medical problem that presents a true risk to patients - but some members of the medical community still view them as cosmetic. If your doctor takes this view, asking him or her to rethink treating your varicose veins is critical for a number of reasons.

When venous blood flow in the legs goes backwards, from top to bottom (largely due to gravity), pressure increases in the varicose veins and they bulge, ache, and can cause restless leg syndrome (RLS). In addition to the pain, throbbing, leg heaviness and swelling that are common complaints associated with varicose veins, blood clots and skin damage are recognized significant medical issues that can be irreversible if not treated.

VNUS Closure is a mainstay of therapy, and can be supplemented with micro-phlebectomy or sclerotherapy as needed. Treatment is easily performed in the office under local anesthesia with immediate recovery, using a small needle stick that heals rapidly.

Most importantly, health insurers recognize the medical necessity of treating varicose veins, and most procedures should be covered.

Don't let your varicose veins cause potentially significant health issues. Evaluation by a board certified phlebologist, a physician specializing in treating venous disease, can help restore normal circulation and prevent permanent problems.

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