12.28.15 Dr. Rosenberg Cosmetic

See Hand Veins Disappear

We have seen interest lately in the treatment of unsightly hand veins, as these tend to give away a women's age even after she's had treatment of facial line and creases with Botox and Fillers. As we age, the normal fat and subcutaneous (under the skin) tissue on the back of the hands tends to recede, allowing the normal veins on the back of the hands to become more prominent. Our experience treating these hand veins with either sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy has grown, and the results are quite impressive.

While prominent hand veins do not represent an abnormality, and left untreated they will not cause a health problem, patients often would like to see them vanish.

We generally treat one hand at a time. Sclerotherapy needs no anesthesia and is good for smaller hand veins. The larger veins respond better to microphlebectomy, which is done under local anesthesia. Compression of the hand veins with a tight fitting glove helps the veins recede as quickly as possible. Patients can resume normal activity within a day.

Either Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill will be happy to evaluate your hands and discuss the best option to treat them most effectively.

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