06.19.13 Dr. Paul McNeill Cosmetic

The Link Between Dermatology and Venous Disease

A dermatology colleague recently referred a patient to our Bethesda, MD office for evaluation and treatment of varicose veins. Since dermatologists are experts in diseases of the skin, as well as cosmetic skin care, many patients discuss vein problems with their dermatologist. Vein care issues, like spider veins, are treated with tools familiar to the dermatology world, such as sclerotherapy and laser vein care. It is common for vascular surgeons, like myself, and dermatologists to work together for patients with venous disease to ensure the best possible outcome.

At our Capitol Vein & Laser offices, we treat many patients with the Venefit Procedure, formerly known as VNUS Closure. Personally, I prefer Venefit over Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) for treating saphenous reflux because Venefit is a simpler, more comfortable way to treat reflux. When I have patients who have venous stasis skin disease (classified as CEAP IV and above) I refer them to their dermatologist for proper skin care.

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