04.07.15 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Varicose Veins

The Newest Varicose Vein Treatment - VenaSeal

We have been very actively involved with new developments in the treatment of varicose veins, and were a key participating center in the FDA Phase III trial for Varithena as a cure for varicosities. Things are constantly changing in medicine, as techniques become less invasive and usually more successful at treating the underlying problem. The world of phlebology is no different, and an even newer method for treating varicose veins was just approved by the FDA.

Sapheon, also known as the VenaSeal Closure System, allows us to inject a "glue" type of material into a refluxing saphenous vein, eliminating the source of venous reflux, the typical cause of those large surface veins.

Symptoms we usually see in patients with venous reflux include leg heaviness, aching, swelling, itching and discoloration of the lower leg. The surface varicose veins can also lead to blood clots, known as phlebitis.

The current "best treatment" of varicose veins and saphenous vein reflux is the VNUS Closure procedure (Venefit), and the results and track record of success is hard to match. However, VNUS Closure does require the use of local anesthesia, administered with small injections along the vein. This is usually very well tolerated with only mild discomfort at the time of injection and little post procedural pain. VenaSeal allows the injection of the "glue" without the use of this local anesthesia. thus making the procedure more comfortable.

The caveat with VenaSeal is that it is a new procedure with little long term data. Both physicians and patients would like to re reassured that the treatment is both curative and long lasting, and as of now, we can be quite certain about VNUS Closure. The results with VenaSeal will require longer term testing. As of now, VenaSeal is not yest available on the marketplace, and insurance coverage will be lacking for at least a few years.

As always, when seeking advice and recommendations for treatment of your venous disease, be sure to seek a physician with a long track record of successfully treating a variety of venous conditions. There are many new "pop-up" vein centers opening, staffed by less experienced physicians, without the clear understanding of the nuances of vein care. Do your homework and select wisely.

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