04.24.12 Dr. Paul McNeill Cosmetic

Varicose Veins: Before and After Photos

At Capitol Vein and Laser Centers, we strive to take care of all aspects of the patient's vein problems, so that once treatment is complete, the patient's legs are cleared of the unsightly varicose veins - as shown in these comparison pictures.

There are generally three problems at issue with varicose veins:

1. The venous reflux hidden from view in one of the trunk veins like the Great Saphenous Vein;
2. The dilated varicose veins as in the "Before" picture shown here; and
3. Small spider veins.

To truly resolve the vein problems, each of these issues needs to be treated with a separate procedure. We frequently treat patients who visit our offices for a second opinion after receiving vein treatment elsewhere and being told that "the treatment is completed." But for them, the "after" picture looks almost identical to their "before" picture. Naturally, these patients are confused and frustrated - after all, they sought treatment at their original vein center with the expectation that their problem veins would be cleared.

Before you choose a place for your vein care, make certain the doctors are committed to clearing your veins. This generally requires an ablation procedure such as VNUS Closure (renamed Venefit), microphlebectomy and, for spider veins, sclerotherapy. In our vein clinics in Bethesda, MD; Frederick, MD; Leesburg, VA; and Charles Town, WV; Dr. Paul McNeill and Dr. Garth Rosenberg treat the entire venous condition and strive to achieve the kinds of "Before" and "After" results you see here.

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