05.23.22 CVL Cosmetic

Veins on your face? The solution is easier than you think!

Time to face it, many men and women suffer from varicose veins. While these ugly, raised veins are typically found in the legs, you can also develop some unsightly veins on the face. Visible facial veins are not harmful. Some people find them visibly bothersome, however. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available, all of which are easy and relatively pain free.

One popular removal method is sclerotherapy, a non-surgical treatment that uses a tiny needle to inject medication which will cause the vessel to spasm and collapse. Over the next several weeks, the closed vessel will be reabsorbed by the body. Sclerotherapy can be done any time of year as long as you protect the area from sun exposure after treatment. Bruising can occur with sclerotherapy, so plan treatments well before social events.

Another popular means of treatment is laser. We have several wave lengths available that will allow the best results for various types of facial veins. Laser waves are attracted to pigment, so typically these treatments are done in winter months when your skin is nice and pale. 2-3 treatments are often needed to see full results. Redness and puffiness can occur after treatment. In rare cases, blisters can occur. Again, plan treatments well before social events.

How to prevent facial veins? Sometimes we inherit the visible veins via our genetics. You can embrace the family DNA. If that's of no interest, give us a call and schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation. Other measures that may help prevent facial vessels include: Avoid excessive sun exposure by wearing SPF 30 or greater, avoid hard friction/ abrasion when cleansing the face, and stay hydrated. Everything in the body seems to work better and look better when one is hydrated.

If you're concerned about a vein on your face, legs, or hands, please give us a call at 866-695-VEIN (8346).

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