12.14.15 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Cosmetic

VenaSeal -The New Varicose Vein Treatment

VenaSeal is a new FDA approved treatment for varicose veins that allows us to eliminate your varicose veins and the symptoms that accompany them. The procedure involves using a cyanacrylate "glue" into the saphenous vein which allows us to seal the vein shut, preventing reflux (backflow). The saphenous vein reflux is the common cause of lower leg varicose veins.

I have reviewed the online presentation detailing the medical data and procedural specifics, and it is clear that the procedure is quick, successful, and allows immediate return to normal activity. The current most commonly used procedure to treat saphenous vein reflux is the VNUS Closure Procedure which uses heat to close the vein, as opposed to a "glue". The use of heat requires that we use a few injections of local anesthesia to surround the vein prior to applying heat. The instillation of this local anesthesia is very well tolerated and not more than mildly uncomfortable for a minute or two.

One big difference between the Closure Procedure and VenaSeal is that at present, VenaSeal is not covered by the medical insurance companies, while Closure has been recognized for many years as a proven therapy for varicose veins and is thus covered by most payers.

If you have varicose veins, it is best that you seek the advice of a well trained and experienced vascular surgical specialist who can review all of the current therapies. You should be looking for individualized care where the surgeon.

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