04.16.12 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Varicose Veins

What is the Venefit Procedure?

As a marketing effort, Covidien, the company that makes the VNUS Closure catheter, has rebranded it to the Venefit Procedure. Several of our Leesburg, Virginia patients (as well as those in our other locations) have expressed concern and confusion over the change.

The Venefit procedure is simply a new name for the long-established and well-researched VNUS Closure procedure, which is used to treat varicose veins. VNUS Closure was FDA approved in 1999, and has been recognized widely as the "gold standard" in treated saphenous vein reflux, the common cause of varicose veins. Changing the name to Venefit does not impact approval or acceptance of the procedure.

Please rest assured that the familiar-sounding "VNUS Closure" and the new "Venefit" procedures are one and the same. The excellent results you see with what we now refer to as Venefit will be those that have been well established over the last 12 years.

Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. McNeill have done over 9,000 VNUS Closures since adopting this treatment in 2001. They were the first doctors in Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia to offer this technique and have lectured widely, both nationally and internationally on its use. If you have questions about your varicose veins or Venefit in general, several appointment options are available.

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