06.09.11 Dr. Paul McNeill Cosmetic

What Makes Varicose Veins Hurt Later in the Day?

One of the frequently asked questions by our patients is, "Why do varicose veins hurt later in the day?" Varicose veins are caused by backpressure in the venous system allowing gravity to push blood back down the damaged veins. Normally, flow should begin in the lower leg and move upward. When the valves in the veins do not work properly, then there is a constant downward push from gravity, causing pressure and expansion of the veins.

Usually, upon arising in the morning the symptoms are much less, as you’ve been sleeping with the legs up, reducing gravity’s effect. The added pressure in the veins is amplified the more you are standing or sitting with the legs down. As the hours of the day pass with gravity exerting its effect, the symptoms of aching, heaviness, swelling and discomfort increase.

Support hose worn during the day will help reduce the pressure in the leg veins. Of course, treatment of the underlying condition with either VNUS Closure or microphlebectomy is the best option for a permanent cure.

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