10.18.21 CVL Varicose Veins

What To Know (and Do) if A Varicose Vein Starts Bleeding

Varicose veins are a common condition. Nearly half the United States population over age 50 experiences them, so there should never be shame, embarrassment, or fear if you happen to develop bulging leg veins. We’ve previously discussed ways to reduce varicose vein discomfort, as well as the signs and symptoms that could indicate something more serious. Now we want to share tips on what to do should your varicose vein burst or start bleeding.

Due to their stretched and swollen nature, the risk of rupturing a varicose vein is higher than a regular vein. Bleeding can occur from seemingly common contact, like scraping your leg against a table, after scratching an itch after a shower. The veins can bleed externally, meaning you can see the blood squirting out or running down your leg, or internally where you’ll witness rapid bruising and localized puffiness. In either case, the bleeding can be quite scary, and it’s essential that you stay calm and address the wound with pressure and elevation. Wrap the wound with firm even pressure and lay down to elevate your leg above your heart. If you do not have an ace bandage to wrap, hold pressure with your hand for 10 minutes while your leg is stretched out on the sofa or bed. Applying a cold compress on the bleeding area will help constrict the bleeding vessel as well.

Our providers consider a bleeding varicose vein an urgent circumstance and will treat it on the same day when possible. Two of the many procedures offered at CVL are sclerotherapy and VNUS Closure, both of which are minimally invasive and require very little recovery time. With sclerotherapy, a medication is injected directly into the bleeding vein using a tiny needle. The medication binds to the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to spasm and collapse in that area. The VNUS Closure procedure uses radiofrequency heat energy via a small catheter to heat the diseased vein causing it to shrink and close. Both treatments allow patients to go on with their days right after the procedure is finished.

At Capitol Vein & Laser, we treat thousands of varicose veins every year. The procedures offered are safe and minimally invasive, and the results help our patients achieve healthier legs, fewer risks and a better quality of life. If you are interested in learning the best methods to treat your varicose veins, please reach out to us at 866-695-8346. Achieving healthier legs is our specialty!

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