01.17.24 CVL

Why Winter is the Ideal Time to Treat Varicose & Spider Veins

January is replete with our biggest aspirations. Whether it's running a marathon or eating less ice cream, many of our goals revolve around health and physical appearance. Winter’s cold weather and short days make it the perfect time to hide fat dimples and ugly veins under leggings and sweats. The sun will come out again and with that, the temperatures will rise, forcing us to shed our layers of clothing. What do you want that time to reveal? With some planning and initiative, you can have younger-looking legs by March. Now is the time to start though! Step one is to schedule an appointment for evaluation. Step two is scheduling an appointment for diagnostic testing if needed. Step three is treatment(s), *depending on the number and significance of veins. 

Time to say goodbye to ugly spider and varicose veins.

1. The appearance of your veins is crystal clear: Winter’s lightened skin highlights ugly veins, making them easy targets for treatment. Sun exposure after treatment is not recommended, further making January the perfect time to say goodbye to veins!

2. You’ll have plenty of time to recover: While varicose vein removal is minimally invasive and has no downtime, treatments can still result in bruising. Winter is the perfect time to cover up the evidence and be well-healed by spring.

3. You can wear compression stockings comfortably: The two most common complaints we receive about compression stockings are that people don’t like their appearance and they can be warm. Winter temperatures make the hose more tolerable. We have knit hose with pretty prints that make great boot socks too!

Whether you’ve been contemplating varicose vein removal for a while, or are just considering it for the first time, winter is prime vein hunting season. Give us a call at 866-695-8346 if you have any questions. We’re happy to help you through your journey.

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