01.20.15 Dr. Garth Rosenberg Varicose Veins

Your Leg After Varicose Vein Treatment

Patients often ask me what they can expect after treating the large varicose veins. They are concerned about the looks, the pain and recovery, and ultimately what the end result will be. This is a perfect example of a fitness trainer and marathoner that I saw in my Leesburg, Virginia office recently. He had these large calf vein that caused significant aching and swelling at the end of most days. The symptoms impaired his running and slowed his pace.

As is typical for the evaluation of patients with veins such as these, we did a complete venous duplex ultrasound scan of the leg, which showed that he had reflux in his great saphenous vein. This backflow in this vein led to increased pressure in all of the lower leg veins, with pressure, heaviness and aching resulting. The refluxing saphenous vein is the primary source of elevated vein pressure in the lower leg.

Treatment of this condition is best done with the Venefit Procedure, previously known as VNUS Closure. This office based procedure is very effective, and allows immediate recovery. This patient of mine was back to marathon training in three days and was back at the gym teaching fitness the same afternoon.

The lower leg veins you see here were subsequently removed with micro-phlebectomy in the office. Again, he was running in three days and says now, a month later, that his leg has never felt better! Cosmetically, the leg look much better, and the staining of the skin will be gone in a few weeks.

Patients should expect complete resolution of their venous condition with excellent outcomes as represented here. This result is most likely when you see a trained vascular surgeon, and one who is a member of the prestigious national vein societies, such as the American Venous Forum.

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