Hands, Face & Breast Veins


At Capitol Vein & Laser Centers, we offer safe and effective treatment options to help reduce the appearance of visible veins in the hands, breasts and face.

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While these veins often pose no medical risks, many patients seek to improve the cosmetic appearance of these areas, and they find greater self-confidence after treatment for these veins.

We offer several treatment options that will help you achieve a more youthful look. Patients receiving treatment for veins in these areas will see their veins significantly fade in little time, as they are safely absorbed in the body. Since treatment for hand, breast and face veins are considered cosmetic procedures, they may not be covered by insurance.

Hands, Breast and Face Vein Treatments:

  • Hand Veins can be treated with phlebectomy (vein removal) or sclerotherapy, both of which drastically reduce the visibility of the veins with little discomfort.

  • Breast Veins can be treated with sclerotherapy through a quick in-office injection of a special medication that closes off the unattractive veins without harming your circulation. Several injections may be required to completely remove the appearance of these veins.

  • Face Veins that are considered smaller spider veins may be effectively concealed through use of the laser.

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Insurance Accepted

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Capitol Vein & Laser Centers participates with all major insurance plans; including Medicare and Medicaid. Varicose veins are a progressive medical condition that is covered by most insurance plans. For more information, call
(866) 695-8346.