Breast Veins

Quick Overview of Breast Vein Treatments

  • Sclerotherapy is quick and painless

  • May require several injections

  • Sclerotherapy is quick and painless

  • May require several injections

How do prominent breast veins develop?

Genetics, hormones, pregnancy, age, weight gain and breast surgeries can each play a role in the appearance of the prominent veins on the surface of the breast and declate. Visible blue veins on the breasts are typically harmless to your health; however, their appearance is considered unsightly.

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How can I reduce the visibility of these veins?

Sclerotherapy can be used to treat breast veins and is a quick and painless treatment using a tiny needle to inject a solution into the unsightly veins. The solution will safely close off the veins that are bothersome, without harming the essential circulation in your body. The treated breast veins will reduce in size over time, eventually being safely absorbed into the body and no longer visible.

This treatment may require several injections to effectively treat the unwanted veins. The number and size of your veins will determine the number of treatments that may be required for the perfect outcome.

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Insurance Accepted

Vein Treatment Insurance Accepted

Capitol Vein & Laser Centers participates with all major insurance plans; including Medicare and Medicaid. Varicose veins are a progressive medical condition that is covered by most insurance plans. For more information, call
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